Transfer Out of Cornell

Transferring Your Visa Status from Cornell to Another US School

As an F1 or J1 student, if you want to begin studying at a different school (except for summer-only programs), you must transfer your immigration status to the new school. This is true even if you first graduate from Cornell and then go on to another degree program at another school. F1 and J1 students who wish to transfer from one school to another must discuss the transfer plans with the immigration advisor at Cornell.

Contact the ISSO

To transfer to another school FROM Cornell, after you get admitted to the new school, come in to speak with an advisor at the ISSO. Bring any transfer form the new school may want the ISSO to complete (contact the new school to find out if they have a transfer form).

Decide on "Release Date"

In consultation with the advisor at the ISSO, you will decide on a "release date" which the ISSO will enter in to the SEVIS database. After the release date, the new school will be able to produce an I-20 for you. Be sure to discuss any interim travel or work plans you have with the ISSO advisor as that will effect your transfer procedure.


F1-60 Days / J1-30 Days: If you are graduating from Cornell, and you plan to go on to another program at another school, you must discuss your transfer with the ISSO within 60 days after finishing for F1 students and 30 days for J1 students. Even though your release date can be later, we must enter the transfer information in to the SEVIS database before the end of your grace period following your graduation from Cornell.