Academic Appointment Policy

The titles noted below represent all of the positions for which Cornell University will act as the immigration sponsor for foreign nationals. Foreign nationals may hold other non-academic positions at the University if they have already gained work authorization through the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Also please note that the University will only sponsor foreign nationals for permanent residence for permanent academic positions.

Academic titles may not be used for appointments in administrative or other nonacademic units. The following authorized academic titles are primary titles and all appointments thereto are approved either by presidential or trustee action. Secondary (administrative) titles such as dean, director, and provost are NOT included.

In the column on the left, the first three titles may be modified by adjunct or acting (the acting modifier is for use in Endowed units only); the first six titles may be modified by courtesy; the first eight tiles may be modified by visiting. (Only one modifier may be used with a title.)

Academic Titles Used at Cornell

Professor Teaching Associate (Endowed only)
Associate Professor Visiting Fellow
Assistant Professor Visiting Critic (Endowed only)
Instructor Visiting Scholar (Endowed only)
Senior Lecturer Visiting Scientist (Endowed only)
Lecturer University Librarian
Senior Scholar Associate University Librarian
Senior Scientist Assistant University Librarian
Senior Research Associate Librarian
Research Associate Associate Librarian
University Professor Senior Assistant Librarian
Professor Emeritus Assistant Librarian
Professor-at-Large Archivist (Endowed only)
Senior Extension Associate Associate Archivist (Endowed only)
Extension Associate Senior Assistant Archivist (Endowed only)
Postdoctoral Associate Assistant Archivist (Endowed only)
Postdoctoral Fellow


Non-Academic Titles Approved for Immigration Sponsorship

Intern titles: J1 sponsorship is available for interns for a period not to exceed twelve months, provided that the candidate has earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. Note: The 12-month maximum.