Report Your OPT Employment

Updating Your Employment Information while on OPT

While you are on F1 OPT, your are required to report information to your school about your employment. If you are a graduate of Cornell, on F1 OPT issued through Cornell, please complete the form below any time any of the following change:

  • Your employer's name and address
  • Any changes in your employment (ending a job, changing jobs)
  • If you change your immigration status (for instance, to H1B)
  • OR if you leave the U.S. and will no longer be using your F1 OPT

If you apply for and receive the STEM extension of F1 OPT, you will have to report the above AND you will have to complete the OPT report form every six months during the STEM extension even if your employment has NOT changed.

You must fill out this form even if you are NOT currently employed. Please see directions on the next page on how to complete the employment information.

Fill out the OPT Employment Report Form here.

If you change your residential address also, you need to fill out our change of address form here.