Transferring to Cornell

After you are admitted to Cornell, speak with an advisor at the international office of your current school. Bring your letter of admission to Cornell with you, as well as any forms you need filled from your Cornell program's admissions office. Follow the directions from your Cornell admissions office for faxing or mailing it to your specific Cornell admissions office.

In consultation with the advisor at your international office, you will decide on a "release date," which your current school's  advisor will enter in the SEVIS database. Be sure to discuss any interim travel or work plans you have with your advisor, as they will effect your transfer procedure. After the release date, your Cornell admissions office will be able to produce an I-20 for you. The Cornell admissions office will also require you to show proof of funding before they will issue you the Cornell I-20.

Don't forget!! Once you do arrive in Ithaca, you MUST complete the International Services check-in procedure!

DEADLINE 60 DAYS AFTER GRADUATION: If you are graduating from your current school, and you plan to go on to another program at Cornell, you must discuss your transfer with your international office no more than sixty (60) days after you graduate. Even though your release date can be later, the release date must be entered in to the SEVIS database before the end of that 60 day grace period following your graduation.