Graduating Soon?

F1 & J1 Students: Important Reminders when Graduating

As you near your graduation, there may be procedures you might need to complete in order to go on to the next phase of your life in the US. We provide some of that information here.

Apply for Work Authorization EARLY!!!

If you want to work in the US after you complete your program, you must apply for work authorization well in advance of your employment starting date. Please read all about the different types of work authorization available.

Grace Period to Remain in the US after graduating

After your date of graduation or last day as a registered student (whichever is earlier), F1 students have 60 days and J1 students have 30 days during which you may remain in the US. You may NOT re-enter the US in F1 or J1 status during that time unless you have already applied for a continuation such as work authorization. If you are not going to remain in the US for work or another degree program and only need to re-enter the US to pick up your belongings, speak to an advisor at the ISSO about the possibility of entering the US in tourist status.

Continuing at Cornell in a New Degree program

If you are planning to begin a new degree program at Cornell after you graduate from one program, you must complete the procedures to get an updated I-20 or DS-2019 for that program.

Transferring to a different school for another program

If you are planning to begin a new degree program at another US college or university after graduating, you MUST contact the ISSO and let us know which school you will be attending no later than the end of your 60 day grace period for F1 students (30 days for J1 students).