J1 Staff Check In Procedure

Cornell University sponsored J-1 Exchange Visitors must complete the immigration check-in/orientation process outlined below:
STEP 1: After you arrive in the U.S., access your electronic I-94 Record of Entry through http://www.cbp.gov/I94 using information from your passport. Write down the 11-digit number on the I-94 and confirm that “J-1” is the class of admission and “D/S” is the “Admit Until” date. Take a screen shot of the I-94, or print the I-94.You must complete this first step before you can proceed with the check-in process.
STEP 2: Report to your Cornell University Human Resource or assigned contact person in your Department. Bring your DS-2019, I-94, and passport. Download and complete the J-1 Check-In Form. Read the attached information and complete the form with your Human Resources or department contact.
STEP 3: Bring the completed Check-In Form, original DS-2019, copies of passport photo & visa page and I-94 to the ISSO.* The ISSO will complete the check-in/orientation process and will:
  • Sign your original DS-2019 to permit travel in and out of the US during the exchange program
  • Provide a Status Verification Form for your Hiring Department, if requested
  • Provide information about applying for the US Social Security Number, with a SSN Verification Form, if necessary.

We will also be happy to meet and personally welcome you to Cornell University, and answer any additional questions you may have.

*Remote Check-Ins - If you are working remotely and will be unable to visit the ISSO to complete the check-in process, your Department HR or other departmental contact may send your Check-In form and copies to ISSO via CU Dropbox. However, please be aware that in order to travel out and back into the US, an advisor at the ISSO will still need to sign your original DS-2019.