For Students

Where to Live?

Housing Webinar April 28, 2017: "The inside scoop: Graduate students discuss housing options, student life, and living in Ithaca"

International Student Organizations — Temporary Housing
Many times, student group members of international student organizations have ideas about where to find housing quickly and might assist you in obtaining it, or know people that you could stay with for a few days while you look for housing. Explore student organizations.

Tips on the Housing Search
Check the Off-Campus Living website for useful tools on how to search for housing. This checklist will assist you in evaluating what your needs are, and whether the places you are considering will meet your needs.

On-Campus Housing Resources
To get more information about housing, visit Living at Cornell.

Off-Campus Housing Resources
Do you have questions or concerns about off-campus housing? The Off-Campus Living Office provides housing assistance, education, and referral services. Visit Off-Campus Living at 541 Willard Straight Hall, or contact them at (607) 255-2310 or offcampusliving@cornell.edu.

For International Academic Staff

We hope that your stay in Ithaca is rewarding. To facilitate your search for suitable housing, we have provided information here on the wide variety of housing available in Ithaca.

When you first arrive in Ithaca, you may want to stay at a hotel or other short-term housing while you look for a longer term housing situation. At the hotels, you can expect to pay from $75 to $150 dollars per night. Most are not within walking distance but are a short bus ride to campus. You can find listings for many hotels at the following website: www.visitithaca.com

Short-term Housing in Maplewood Park Apartments is no longer available.

For other short-term options, please check  the Visit Ithaca website.

Long-term Housing

On-Campus Housing
Contact the Housing Office:
206 Robert Purcell Community Center
Phone: (607) 255-5368
Email: housing@cornell.edu
Web: housing.cornell.edu

Off-Campus Housing
Contact the Off Campus Living Office:
541 Willard Straight Hall
Phone:(607) 254-8718
Email: offcampusliving@cornell.edu
Web: Off-Campus Living

Off-Campus Housing Information

There is a wide variety of housing available in Ithaca, from rooms or apartments in houses to apartment complexes. Some have beautiful views and some are inexpensive basement apartments. Some apartments are within walking distance (sometimes up hill) and others are on a bus route or within a short drive. If you want to secure an apartment before you arrive in Ithaca, you may want to rely on the good reputation of some of the apartment complexes. If you want to find an apartment in a house, it is better to come to Ithaca first and look at several apartments before choosing one. Also keep in mind, initial expenses are high for all apartments whether in a house or in an apartment complex. You should be prepared to pay the security deposit and rent immediately upon signing a lease. Total expenses, including purchase of household items, may add up to well over $2,500.

Apartment Listings

Apartment Complexes
Apartment complexes are an apartment building or group of apartment buildings all managed by an owner or company. 

Apartments in Houses
While you can get a lot of information about apartment complexes before you arrive, if you are interested in finding an apartment in an individually owned house, it may be best to wait until you are in Ithaca so that you look at several apartments before choosing one.

Neighborhood Descriptions