Departure Checklist

When you have completed your studies at Cornell and are ready to leave the United States, use this list to organize your plans for returning home.

  1. Fill out forwarding address forms at the U.S. Post Office. Send your new address to friends, professional associations, and other personal and business contacts.
  2. Disconnect your landline phone, if you have one, and make any necessary changes to your cell service. Make sure to settle any charges before you leave.
  3. Notify utility companies of your departure (NYSEG, Time Warner Cable, etc.). Pay the bills before you leave.
  4. Clear all accounts. Call credit card companies to see if you can make outstanding payments before you leave.
  5. Close your bank account or look into maintaining a small balance, if you wish to keep your U.S. account.
  6. File any medical insurance claims that are still outstanding. Pay the balance that you owe. Note when your health insurance expires to see if you are leaving the U.S. after this date.
  7. Clear your student account so your diploma and/or transcripts can be released.
  8. Order transcripts if you will need them. Order and pay for extras if there is a charge so you will not need to find foreign currency to pay for them after you return home.
  9. Make arrangements to have your diploma sent to you if you do not receive it before departing.
  10. Leave your permanent home address with your department, faculty advisor, and others who might wish to be in contact with you. Return department keys.
  11. If you checked out books or other materials from the library, be sure to return them. Fines are imposed on unreturned books, and the university does not release transcripts or diplomas until the fines are paid in full.
  12. Check out of your apartment. Leave a forwarding address with the manager. Return your keys and request the return of your security deposit.
  13. Give the university alumni office your permanent  address and ask them to put you on their mailing list.
  14. Return borrowed household items to the place you borrowed them. If you have items to pass on, donate them to other foreign students or ask your friends to share them with new arrivals.
  15. Consult your country's embassy to determine what customs regulations you will need to consider when taking your belongings home.
  16. If you worked on campus, be sure to update your home country address in Student Essentials to be sure you will receive your W-2 form from the Payroll Office. If you have trouble updating your overseas address, contact the Payroll Office which is located in East Hill Plaza (255-5194). If you worked off campus, be sure to give your employer your forwarding address where the W-2 form can be sent.