English Programs

Cornell Resources

English Language Support Office

The English Language Support Office (ELSO) is a collaborative effort between the Graduate School and the Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines. This program’s mission is to offer comprehensive writing and speaking support for Cornell’s international graduate and professional students. ELSO offers courses, tutoring and a conversation program. These programs are free for matriculated degree-seeking graduate students. To learn more, explore the ELSO website.

Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines

The Knight Institute supports writing seminars and writing intensive courses in a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and at all levels of undergraduate education; it also provides tutorial writing classes and tutoring services for faculty, staff, and graduate students. Students can schedule appointments with trained tutors online via the Knight Institute website. Students who are interested in multilingual, language support in writing can schedule tutorials and mentorship online. For more information, please visit the Institute's website.

English for International Students and Scholars

The School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions offers non-credit courses for visiting scholars, students, and spouses. EISS courses prepare students and scholars for working and studying in the academic environment of a university in the United States or for using English professionally. Field trips and conversational activities provide opportunities for discussion with native English speakers and insight into American culture and history. Refer to the EISS Program website for official course descriptions and class times. For more information, please contact cusp@cornell.edu or Mary K. Redmond, program director, at 254-6502 or mkr4@cornell.edu.

Summer: I-20s are administered for full-time study only during the six-week summer program. Classes meet Monday-Friday for eighteen instructional hours, and special activities take place in the afternoons and evenings. Please check the website for tuition rates.

Fall/Spring: This course is principally for visiting scholars, although others are welcome. Please check the website for tuition rates.

English Instruction beyond Cornell

BOCES Adult Education

Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga BOCES offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced  English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to adults living in the Ithaca area. Morning, afternoon, and evening courses are all available at the downtown Ithaca location. Classes are free; a registration fee may apply. 

Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3)

Credit-bearing ESL classes are available year-round. Tompkins Cortland Community College is a 20-minute drive from Ithaca and accessible by TCAT bus. Courses are available in the fall, spring and summer terms. To enroll, students must take the Accuplacer tests of English or provide a TOEFL or IELTS score to the Admissions Office. An I-20 is available for those engaging in full-time study. Contact the Admissions Office at (607) 844-6580 or toll-free (888) 567-8211 for more information, or visit TC3's ESL programs onlineor email IEP@tompkinscortland.edu.

Non-credit summer Intensive English Program: TC3 also offers an affordable Intensive English Program each summer. The program is open to anyone over 18 who meets minimum proficiency requirements and includes over 20 hours per week of instruction, U.S. Culture Fridays, and field trips. An I-20 is available if appropriate. Visit TC3's Intensive English Program online or email IEP@tompkinscortland.edu.

Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan in Ithaca is located at 414 College Avenue in Collegetown.

Cayuga Medical Center Accent Modification Program

Cayuga Medical Center offers an Accent Modification Program to help both native and non-native speakers of English refine their pronunciation to enhance their business, professional, and social skills; improve speech clarity; increase self confidence for oral presentations; and achieve a significant change in accent. For more information, call Cayuga Medical Center’s Speech-Language Pathology at (607) 274-4504.

Tompkins County Public Library

Tompkins County Public Library has many resources for learning English, including the Mango language learning database, Rosetta Stone, ESL DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks, films, and more.