Social Media and Email Lists

ISSO uses social media get the word out about campus events and international community news.

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We also host two email lists: ISSO-immigration-L for immigration alerts and ISSO-events-L for events updates.


ISSO-immigration-L brings you urgent immigration news, alerts, and deadlines. Only ISSO list administrators may post to the list.

ISSO-immigration-L is required for all registered international students at Cornell. Students are automatically subscribed to or removed from the list each academic year. If you are a currently registered international student and not receiving postings, please contact


Join ISSO-events-L for the latest about ISSO trips, programs, and non-immigration services. Anyone can subscribe to this list, but only ISSO list administrators may post.

To JOIN the list:

To LEAVE the list:

Note: Your “join” or “leave” message must be sent in plain text (no formatting, font styles, or HTML). Send your message from the email address where you want to receive or stop receiving the list. You can get more information on customizing the way you receive messages on CIT's website.


International-L is no longer active.

Please “like” us on Facebook to stay connected. You’ll continue to hear from us with immigration alerts on ISSO-immigration-L and events updates on ISSO-events-L.