How To Get Help

Open Hours (300 and B50 Caldwell)

Monday–Friday: 8:30–4:30

International Students

Go to 300 Caldwell Hall for all services.

International Faculty and Staff/Host Departments and Administrators

Go to B50 Caldwell Hall for all services.

Travel signatures (J-1), pick up and drop off documents available during all open office hours

Faculty and staff walk-In advising available Monday - Friday: 10:00-Noon and 1:00-3:00

Student Drop-In Advising Hours (300 Caldwell)

Consult with an immigration advisor without a scheduled appointment.

Get general information and travel signatures, drop off or pick up application materials, or get an SSN letter. Drop-in advising time is limited to 15 minutes per person, and there may be a line. For more involved issues, please make an appointment.

Monday–Friday: 10:00–12:00 and 1:00–4:00


Email us to set up an appointment with an immigration advisor for questions that will take more than 15 minutes.

Phone and Email

Emergency Help

Trouble at U.S. port of entry, immediate danger of being deported, arrest or detention by a federal officer ...

Call Cornell Police at +1 (607) 255-1111 anytime, day or night, if you are a current student, scholar, or staff member traveling abroad and you are not permitted to return to the United States or if you have other urgent immigration trouble. Cornell Police will immediately notify an International Services staff member. Do not call 911 for immigration-related emergencies!