Bulk Email Requests

To facilitate your student organization's ability to connect with international students, the ISSO can forward an email from your group to targeted populations. In your email, you can request that students voluntarily contact you for participation in your organization, or for inclusion in your organization's communications.

Please follow these procedures to submit a bulk email request:

  • Bulk mail requests must be made by a current officer of the organization. A valid and active Cornell NetID and password is required for access and submission.
  • The RSO must be a currently Registered Student Organization whose primary focus is to assist international students. Its officers must be currently registered Cornell students, must be up-to-date, and there must be an active advisor (i.e., Cornell faculty and/or staff).
  • Data for incoming students for the fall semester is available the first week of July. Each RSO may submit two bulk mail requests per semester.

Fill out the Bulk Email Request form